Helping Yorkshire’s hedgehogs

Help Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to protect and conserve Yorkshire’s hedgehogs by adding your hedgehog sightings to our interactive map. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will use the information gathered to:

  • Identify priority areas to restore hedgehog habitat
  • Identify priority areas to raise awareness of hedgehogs
  • Provide habitat advice where it is needed
  • Respond quickly to planning applications which may have an impact on hedgehogs

Why are hedgehogs in trouble?

Over 95% of Britain’s hedgehogs have disappeared since the 1950s. Their natural habitat is being lost due to an increase in roads, housing and fencing, and gardens are being dug up for paving, decking and parking. The insecticides used on our crops and in our gardens are also contributing to our lovable and iconic hedgehogs seeing the worst decline in numbers since records began.

Their very survival is under threat which is why we are asking you to record your sightings today.

How you can help

Hedgehogs need woodlands and meadows to forage in, gardens that are easy to wander through, hedgerows to provide shelter and a plentiful supply of insects and slugs. To give hedgehogs the best possible chance of survival we must ensure they have the habitat they so desperately need. Your sightings will help us identify the areas where we can help hedgehogs the most. Your support as a member of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will enable us to carry out this work.

If you are not already a member you can join here today.

Alternatively any donation you are able to make will ensure hedgehogs in Yorkshire have a brighter future.

How to report a sighting

  1. Provide details of the sighting
  2. Drop a pin in the map to show us where you were
  3. Submit your sighting and see it appear on the map immediately
Report your sighting